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Washington’s go to chiropractic practice for more than just neck and low back pain- we care for patients with anxiety, acid reflux, recurring earaches, mental health struggles, and so much more. See how the Brain Based Chiropractic model can change your life today.

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" Experience the life changing benefits of Chiropractic Care without snapping, cracking, or popping "

About Our Chiropractic Practice

Here at InsideOut-Chiropractic, we assess every patient’s individual needs and create a personalized healing plan based on the specific cause of your health issue. We determine this plan based on objective measurements using our state of the art advanced instrumentation which measures brain and nervous system function. 

Why the brain and nervous system? Every function in your body is coordinated by the brain and communicated to the body through the nervous system. When there is an issue with the brain and/or it’s ability to communicate with the body it will alert you that there is a problem, these alerts are called symptoms and can include everything from pain, to low energy, sleep issues, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, high blood pressure, acid reflux, anxiety, depression and so much more. Through a combination of advanced testing and treatment techniques, we are able to determine the cause of your health issue and then correct it, safely, naturally and gently allowing your body to recover, heal and not only get well but then also stay well. Through this brain-based protocol, we are able to address much more than just neck and low back pain, seeing great success with conditions across all age brackets including- ear infections, acid reflux, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and beyond. 

We have carefully selected a variety of brain based gentle proven techniques that we strongly believe offer optimal health benefits to our patients, these include: The Tonal Approach, Torque Release Technique, KAATSU Strength and Conditioning, and more. Together or alone, we utilize these techniques to address the cause of your health issues, helping to restore the brain’s ability to function properly leading to the highest level of wellness and performance. 

Both new patients and existing patients alike can be confident that they are receiving top quality care at InsideOut-Chiropractic, where we design healing programs defined for each patient’s unique needs. We understand that “one size fits all” is not an acceptable approach when it comes to health care. If you are suffering from emotional issues, disease, chronic or recurring pain, let us come alongside and assist in your journey to health and wellness. 

Why Brain Based Chiropractic?

Brain Based Chiropractic Philosophy

At InsideOut-Chiropractic we practice what is known as a brain-based chiropractic and utilize one of or a combination of multiple chiropractic techniques based on what we determine to work best for you. These techniques can support both adults and children experiencing physical pain, mental struggles, digestive problems, insomnia, poor concentration, and more. Brain based chiropractic is based on the research and science that the brain coordinates EVERY function in your entire body and does so via communication through the nervous system. Research has proven that over 90% of all chronic disease is due to the inability for the brain and nervous system to overcome the high levels of chronic stress so many of us experience daily (physical, chemical and emotional). This stress causes damage to parts of the brain leading to the brain and nervous system’s inability to coordinate healing in the body. The good news is in most cases this damage can be reversed. The problem is most of us are stuck in a sick care model of “health” care. This model has nothing to do with health as it simply covers up symptoms with medication instead of actually caring for the cause of the symptoms. This is why we focus on the direct cause of over 90% of all disease, the brain and its ability to adapt to and recover from stress. We do this by first performing a brain-based assessment measuring brain function using our state of the art NeuroInfiniti instrumentation which gives us objective measurements on how well your brain and nervous system deals with stress. We then construct a care plan, specific to you and your brain function, leading you to health and wellness. See how this approach can make a difference in your life and the life of your family- schedule a consultation today. 

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Nutrition & Weight Loss

In continuing with our focus on the brain and nervous system we want to of course focus on the chemical stressors we encounter each day. For this reason we have teamed up with nutrition experts at Standard Process to assist our patients in their nutrition and weight loss goals. Hand in hand with chiropractic care, nutrition also deserves high priority concerning health and wellness. Standard Process provides a beneficial detoxification program that helps with a myriad of problems, including: fatigue or difficulty sleeping, indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset, food cravings and weight gain, reduced mental clarity, low libido, skin issues, joint discomfort, and more. The Standard Process Detox Balance powder consists of whole food-based nutritional ingredients and is packed with 17 grams of protein. Use of these products working side by side with the expertise of Dr. Doug you will see life changing results. Learn more here. 

Whole Food Supplements

The Whole Food Supplements from Standard Process are a great addition to a daily routine for anyone seeking to achieve optimal health. We trust the products from Standard Process because of their philosophy based on the strong belief in the power of the natural potency and efficacy of nutrients as they are found in nature. They take whole foods (such as peas, radishes, beets, etc.) and prepare them in a way that preserves their pure, original nutritional value. Since the majority of ingredients are grown locally on their own organic farms, they are sure to provide only quality whole food supplements to our patients. Find out which supplements are right for you. 

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KAATSU Strength and Conditioning

KAATSU Strength and Conditioning is a manner of optimizing blood circulation for health, fitness, recovery, and rehabilitation. While it originated in Japan, we are able to reap the benefits of this technique that utilizes a system called a KAATSU Strength and Conditioning, which consists of a small automated compressor and pneumatic, stretchable bands. The bands are placed around your arms or legs, then alternate between inflating and deflating to boost circulation, improve hormonal balance, and develop muscle tone. It is safe for all ages, and can aid in recovery from simple jet lag or recovery from an extreme sporting competition. The KAATSU Strength and Conditioning method has proven to be an effective tool in rehabilitation from surgeries and injuries.

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Our Mission

InsideOut-Chiropractic is committed to brain-based chiropractic, addressing the root cause of disease, restoring your body’s ability to heal itself leading to optimal health in patients of all ages. We assess every patient’s individual needs and create a personalized healing plan that uses a combination of chiropractic techniques. Our mission is to help our community live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives.

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Client Testimonials

What Our Patients Say

Since seeing Dr. Barnard I have been very impressed with his work. He is very good at explaining the work he does and the results one can expect. He has been very honest with me about what is and isn’t within his scope of practice. I have greatly benefited from Dr. Barnard’s work and would highly recommend him.

I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor. I thought it would hurt and I would have to keep going and it would cost too much. That was about 20 years ago when I first went to see Dr. Barnard. Since then he has kept me healthy and able to participate in all exercise....hiking, biking, skiing, yoga, gardening, etc. without having to take time off due to strain or injury. He also allowed me to sit on the job 8 hours a day or years without the usual damage to the body. I moved an hour away and tried other chiropractors but soon discovered Dr. Barnard was worth the drive. He treats the whole person which is so much more powerful and permanent and speeds up the healing time. I highly recommend Inside-out Chiropractic.

I was able to move with less pain than I have in years. Covid changed our lives in so many ways and fortunately one positive addition to my life was having more time to hike. Being alone outdoors helped me keep my sanity during the hardest of times but exacerbated the issues I have with my hips, knee and foot. After seeing Doug Barnard at InsideOut, I was able to move with less pain than I have in years. I had chiropractic treatments years ago and was thrilled that Dr Barnard practices light touch and I didn’t have to go through the scary big twist and cracking that often left me a bit traumatized and sore. I also appreciate that he didn’t put me on a long drawn out program. He designed a personalized treatment plan that addressed my specific issues and helped resolve them in months. I highly recommend InsideOut Chiropractic.

I have been a patient of Doug Barnard for about 8 years now. He has been beneficial in my healing process. During the last year I dealt with edema in my right leg. Just after 1 session the swelling went down 30%, which was a great relief to me. In the past he has helped me through some crises and the work he did always helped me to improve. He has gentle way of doing Chiropractic work. It has always amazed me how he is always learning new things to add to his practice. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in need of such services.

Working with Doug has been a lifeline for me and my daughter! His gentle, effective, holistic approach has brought us both better alignment, sleep, overall well being AND the removal of stress from pain. My daughter said after a couple treatments, ‘ Mom I’m actually COMFORTABLE in my body, thank you for taking me to Doug!’ Doug’s approach through assessment, subtle adjustments, and more traditional physical manipulation when needed (pain free) have brought us great results in a shorter time than previous experiences in chiropractic. I highly recommend his care/ approach for adults and CHILDREN especially as their bodies are growing and changing its is as I said a LIFELINE to health. He also follows strict Covid precautions AND his rates are incredibly affordable which is appreciated by us!

As a Yoga instructor and lifelong athlete, going to a chiropractor was never an activity of mine — until I visited Dr. Douglas Barnard’s office. No popping or snapping, only very gentle, clear contact with a quality of knowledge which penetrated and removed years of discomfort in my upper back, shoulders and neck. I am so grateful for my new found healing advisor — his knowledge, his manner, and the comfort of his office (don’t forget to try the massage chair!) add up to nothing short of totally enjoyable. I heartily recommend his services to anyone interested in de-stressing the body and learning a unique quality of self-managed health. Gary Tacon Certified Yoga Instructor Inventor of the Body Tuning Cushion

I moved to White Salmon last year, Doug Barnard was one of the first people I met in town. I’m no stranger to chiropractic medicine and I realize its benefits for keeping my body (& mind) positive. I was very fortunate to make Dr. Doug’s acquaintance so soon into our arrival to the area. Almost immediately I was in for my initial visit and we’re now into the eight month of visits. My body is recovering thanks to Dr. Doug revolutionary techniques. One of his greatest attributes, outside of his revolutionary treatments, is his conversation and positive attitude. Plus, just look at how healthy this dude is...geez, if we could all be so fortunate! Thanks Doug!

Doug was phenomenal. I loved how gentle the adjustments were, and boy do I feel better. There's something special about Dr. Barnard. I'm not sure how to put it into words, but I drive here from Portland just to get work done by Doug, if you live in the area, you're lucky!

In November of 2021 I was taking my kids out of the car and threw my back completely out of alignment, so much so that I could barely move or walk.  I had been suffering from misalignment in my hips from both of my pregnancies, and all my chronic body issues seemed to have finally come to roost.  I was desperate for help with my back and my husband suggested I drop in on InsideOut-Chiropractic.

On my very first visit with Dr. Doug Barnard, he got me back up walking and moving around. I am the primary caregiver to my young children, so this was essential to my family’s function. While getting continued treatment for my back he mentioned his brain/body system he uses to heal from the inside out. Dr. Doug mentioned how most illnesses can be alleviated with a combination of biofeedback and chiropractic work. I was super intrigued. At that time, I was suffering from sleeping issues, chronic postpartum hip and foot pain, and elevated stress levels. Dr. Doug ran his SRE (stress response evaluation) on me.  The SRE measures ones ability to engage and disengage from stress, which can indicate health in general. Additionally he worked on getting my body into alignment in his twice-weekly appointments. I began to see improvements in my sleep immediately. Within a month or so my stress levels began to decrease, and my chronic hip and foot pain subsided.  Within about 2 months the pains associated with my monthly cycle had nearly ceased completely, whereas before I had at least 1-2 days a month of significant menstrual pain, this was a benefit that I had not anticipated would happen with his care.  

I have since started the biofeedback process and have noticed significant decreases in my stress levels and increases in my patience and overall mental happiness. The chiropractic adjustments followed by the biofeedback program really stepped my care up a notch.  It feels like a veil has lifted in nearly every part of my life.  I have found myself more patient with my children, and more emotionally and mentally attuned to them.  This treatment has changed my brain’s stress reactions and has also heightened my joy.  The fun parts of parenting now feel more fun, and the challenging parts feel more manageable.  The benefits have not just been with my social/emotional interactions, there has also been a significant increase in my ability to handle the stresses and surprises that life throws my way.  We were recently on a road trip and had our truck break down and leave us stranded. Six months ago this would have put me into total panic mode.  I credit Dr. Doug’s care in giving me the mental clarity to look at this stressful situation as a puzzle, rather than a problem, and troubleshoot it, moving forward without the fear and anxiety that would normally result from being stranded with my kids while away from home.
Dr. Doug has a very gentle adjustment method, and I have found his adjustments last longer than the more traditional “cracking” methods I have had before.  I highly recommend his whole-body approach, especially for chronic stress, pain, and sleep issues. Dr. Doug’s care has been transformative to my mental and physical health.

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