Seasonal allergies cause regular problems for people in Washington and throughout the country. Pollen and other plant-based allergens arrive in waves throughout the year. If you’re allergic to a local tree, flower, grass, or another plant, you know how debilitating seasonal allergies can be. Many people struggle with sneezing, coughing, headaches,  and other upper respiratory symptoms each year. However, there are natural options to fight seasonal allergies. Learn how brain-based chiropractic treatments and other natural methods can ward off seasonal allergies, allowing you to breathe easy once again. 

What Is Brain Based Chiropractic? 

InsideOut-Chiropractic focuses on brain based treatments that uncover the root of your personal conditions. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to measure your brain and overall nervous system function. Your nervous system is one of your body’s most important foundations. By evaluating this system, we can pinpoint specific treatments to help you live a better life. 

When your brain has an issue or is unable to communicate with the rest of the body, it makes its needs known through a range of symptoms. Many people visit chiropractors to deal with symptoms like low back pain, muscle spasms, and neck issues. However,  our brain based focus allows us to trace a range of other conditions back to the nervous 

system. We can assist patients with conditions such as ADD/ADHD, arthritis, anxiety,  depression, acid reflux, ear infections, and more—including seasonal allergies. 

If you’re struggling with seasonal or recurring allergies book an appointment at  InsideOut-Chiropractic. We’ll use our brain based methodologies to identify the true source of your allergies. Treatments such as The Tonal Approach, Torque Release  Technique, KAATSU Strength and Conditioning, and more can solve your symptoms and help you live more comfortably. 

After we’ve assessed your needed and built your customized healing plan, we’ll start moving towards a healthier state. The following natural remedies and treatments can also play a vital role in improving your allergy issues. 

Cut Down Stress 

Stress impacts your entire body. Whether you work a demanding job, are navigating a  complicated family situation, consume inflammatory food and drink, or face any other stressful situation, your body will manifest the consequences. 

Plant materials like pollen and ragweed add to the stressful situation. Seasonal allergies are a sign that your body is struggling with multiple issues, so you’re unable to handle the additional allergens. You can help your allergies by removing as much stress from your life as possible. Focus on all aspects of your existence, including your mental, 

physical, and emotional states. 

Eat Well 

Food can be a powerful treatment all on its own. Nutrition plays a vital role in your general health and wellbeing. Your diet impacts your gut health, which in turn influences your immune responses. If your immune system is stressed due to a poor diet, you’ll have a hard time adapting to seasonal plant influxes. Focus on eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated to treat your allergies. 

Add Local Honey To Your Diet 

Honey is a delicious way to boost your immune system. Bees make honey by gathering pollen from flowers. When you eat local Washington honey, you’re absorbing small amounts of the surrounding plant material. 

Honey can introduce your body to materials that would otherwise cause an allergic reaction. This slow introduction helps your body recognize the pollen as non-threatening. Make sure to source local honey for the most beneficial results. 

Clean Your Home 

You can’t control the number of allergens outside, but you can reduce the amount in your home. People and pets track pollen and other plant material into our homes on clothing, shoes, and fur. If you don’t clean regularly, this pollen will recirculate through the air around you. 

Give your home a thorough cleaning during spring and other allergy seasons. Dust your shelves, vacuum, sweep, and wash linens to start. For the best effects, you should also replace your HVAC filters and vents, as well as leave your shoes at the door. These actions cut down on the allergens and contaminants in your space. 

Book Regular Chiropractic Appointments 

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with your brain based chiropractic plan. Your InsideOut Chiropractic treatment guide will be personally designed to give you a customized plan of action. We may be able to reduce or even eliminate your season allergies, depending on your situation. Regular visits also help us monitor your brain and nervous system health for lifelong wellbeing. Schedule an appointment today with InsideOut-Chiropractic to explore your options and start feeling better.