The short answer is that now is probably the best time, because of the many benefits chiropractic offers.  Of course, just because something is good for you means you’re going to take action and pursue it.  Usually, you need a specific motivation to start something new.  With chiropractic, usually that means pain.

Unfortunately, not many people realize that chiropractic care is capable of treating a wide range of conditions and maladies and supporting your general health.  In fact, most people are first introduced to chiropractic care because of its reputation for treating chronic pain and back pain.  Many insurance companies and conventional medical doctors refer their patients to chiropractors for this reason. This is so common because 1 in every five people in the world suffers from chronic pain! Yes.  You heard that right. That’s about 1.5 billion people worldwide suffering from chronic  pain, with the prevalence increasing with age. 

Recent research shows that more than 70 million adults deal with chronic pain in the US  and 6 million in Canada. As people continue seeking alternatives to pain relief  medications, chiro care emerges as the best option. 

Once someone gets introduced to chiro, especially brain-based chiropractic, they find the incredible plethora of benefits and general improvement to their life, well above and beyond simply treating a symptom.  Pain is, after all, just a sign that something is wrong in your body, and your nervous system is letting your brain know that with a pain signal.

What is chiro care?

Chiropractic care is “a patient-centered, non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health care  profession focused on your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system.” Chiropractors  use hands-on spinal management and other alternative treatments to treat subluxations that limit or sabotage the nervous system communication of your body.  This allows your brain to be in better control of your body and your health.

It’s important to really understand that chiro care doesn’t only involve your neck and lower back pain.  Chiropractors help patients with acid reflux, mental health issues, anxiety, and  recurring earaches, among many other conditions and dis-orders by helping the brain and body to regain a state of balance. 

Chiro care can also be used in conjunction with other conventional health treatments to enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments, reduce side effects and speed recovery.  

Why chiro care? 

Visiting chiro care professionals, like InsideOut-Chiropractic, may be the key to overcoming some or all of the maladies and symptoms holding you back from living your life. For some individuals, chiro care means relief  from neck and back pain. At the very least, chiro offers enhanced mobility and comfort in your body.  

But even more important than physical pain, chiro care can help you or your loved one deal with psychological and emotional pain.  With a brain-based approach to chiropractic it is possible to treat mental health issues, depression, and anxiety. Think of the number of people suffering from  mental problems, anxiety, panic attacks, or depression who don’t need to be.


Not every chiropractor is focused on your whole health including mental wellness, though we at InsideOut are.  Here are the most common reasons chiro care gets recommended in general. 

  • It improves neck and back pain
  • It minimizes dependence on opioid pain relievers
  • It reduces headaches
  • It’s affordable
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • It helps lower inflammation
  • It eases scoliosis symptoms
  • It helps manage recurring earaches

To this list you can add the following benefits for brain-focused chiropractic care.

  • It helps reduce symptoms of depression and equalize mood
  • It eases anxiety and the cyclical negative thinking resulting from trauma
    It allows you to manage sleep disorders
    It strengthens your mind-body connection
    It supports your overall mental health and sense of well-being

Now that you know what chiro care is and why it matters, you’re probably wondering  when is the correct time to get started. Let’s find out the perfect time to begin.  

When should I start chiro care? 

Whether you struggle with chronic pain or with mental health, anxiety, or depression, the best time to start chiro care is as soon as you are able. It doesn’t matter how old you  are or your occupation; beginning chiropractic therapy early is the key to unlocking the potential of your healh. 

If you’re still unsure when to start, here are a few other considerations that to take into  account when deciding the right time to start chiro care:  

  1. Do you have chronic pain?

While minimal pains and aches are normal, when pain starts to  recur or prevent you from accomplishing certain tasks, you need a solution. 

A chiropractor will assess you as a complete person and address your acute needs, such as pain as well as helping you with the many other benefits chiro can offer.

  1. Do you sit all day?

If your occupation involves sitting for long hours behind a desk, you probably need  chiro care! Sitting for long hours places your bone structure and the spine under  immense stress. Although you may not feel the effects of sitting for long hours at first, you’ll definitely feel the pain in the future. That’s why it’s important to address it as  soon as possible.


A chiropractor can help you keep dysfunctions and joint restrictions at bay. Also, a  chiropractic professional will help you work various stretches and exercises, which  reduces the impacts of living a sedentary lifestyle.  

  1. Are you recovering slowly?

There is a common saying that goes, ”time heals all wounds.” But this isn’t always true.  Sometimes your body needs guidance and assistance to heal correctly.  This is where chiropractic care comes in.

If you feel like your injuries are taking longer to heal, or aren’t getting better at all, chiro care is the go-to solution.  Chiropractic treatments and adjustments improve blood flow and the functioning of the immune system.  Ultimately, this speeds up the recovery of injured joints, muscles, and tissues. 

  1. What about the future?

Chiro care isn’t just about responding to symptoms as they crop up. It is best used to prevent future problems from occurring. Treatments at InsideOut focus on eliminating potential problems that may arise in the future. Starting chiro care when you’re still healthy can help you maintain optimal health and minimize the likelihood of falls or injuries. 

Make a Decision For Your Future!

Being well is an ongoing process and not a guarantee.  If you want to ensure you have the best odds of a happy, pain-free, less anxious life, it’s time to call (509)637-0969 and make your appointment with us today.  Reach out to our office to start on the path to greater health.