Conventional medicine has a philosophical problem, it’s always fighting symptoms.  What does this mean? It means that instead of focusing on preventing diseases, disorders, and pain, conventional medicine focuses on reducing the symptoms caused by these problems.  This is the opposite of the mindset of brain-based chiropractic, which is all about treating the underlying causes and preventing mental and physical disorders in the first place! This disparity is why we sometimes refer to conventional Western medicine as “sickness care” rather than true “health care.”

Why “Sickness Care?”

Conventional Western Medicine can be considered “sickness care” because it waits for you to get sick before offering treatment.  Western Medicine has gotten very good at treating symptoms using surgery, drugs, and other therapies that are efforts to deal with problems caused by unhealthy living.

This is not a new idea. There are many academic articles about this topic. This is a clear and present problem in the entire mentality of conventional Western medicine, especially in how it’s implemented in the United States.  In this country, at all levels of conventional medical care, practitioners wait for you to get sick before offering care.  This “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” mentality is in some ways intuitive, certainly it has been made to seem natural in a system governed by reactive insurance and medical establishments.  The reality is that most maladies can be predicted based on your family history, current health, habits, nutrition, and other factors, and then prevented with conscientious and intentional care.

What Makes “Health Care” Different?

True health care is care intended to improve your health and prevent unwellness.  This can come in many different forms.  Chiropractic is one such form, but there are many others from nutrition and herbal supplements to exercises and immune-boosting activities.  Most of these preventative options are focused on changing your lifestyle to be more healthful, but in an economic system that rewards work-focused behaviors that are not beneficial to your long term health, it can be very hard to prioritize prevention over mitigation.

This is why chiropractic care can be so helpful and healthful.  By maximizing the nervous system functioning of your body and boosting various aspects of your physical and mental health, you can make significant improvements to your health and reduce your risk of negative health outcomes with regular chiropractic care.  A special advantage of working with InsideOut-Chiropractic is that we also try to help you to keep on top of your health through nutritional supplements, detoxification, and improving your physical strength and conditioning!  All of these facets of your wellness lead to a complete health care approach that holistically makes you more well, not just less sick.

How exactly do these services help the whole of your health? Keep reading to find out.


We wrote our last blog about nutrition and health focused on helping our children to eat well. The link between proper nutrition and good health is key for people of all ages.  Good nutrition affects your risk for all kinds of negative health conditions.  Many of the leading causes of death in the United States are linked to poor nutrition. A few major conditions that are strongly affected by nutrition are obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart Disease, cancer, stroke, and reduced brain function1.

So why isn’t every doctor trying to change your health for the better with better nutrition? Well, many are.  There are many initiatives by the CDC and other national health organizations trying to get people to eat better.  However the research and programs for this are seriously underfunded. While obesity and nutrition are recognized as major health concerns, and have been a popular topic of conversation in medical circles for decades, little has changed, and very little has been accomplished towards improving the nutrition of Americans.  

Simply telling Americans to eat more expensive whole foods, while also requiring them to work more hours for less pay relative to inflation has resulted in a lack of real results.  This is why at InsideOut we have taken a more realistic approach to helping you prevent negative health outcomes.  With high quality whole food nutritional supplements, it’s much easier to achieve your optimal intake for best health. 


Our bodies are full of toxins thanks to more than a century of minimally regulated pollution of the environment and decades of increased processing of foods, including modifying fats and sugars to be more harmful.  The toxins in our bodies can cause all sorts of bad health effects including fatigue or difficulty sleeping, indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset, food cravings and weight gain, reduced mental clarity, low libido, skin issues, joint discomfort, and more!

Removing these toxins from our bodies is a simple way to help us not experience these negative health outcomes. We want to help guide you through this esoteric process using our expert knowledge and experience.  You can find out more about how to detox on our detox webpage, or by making an appointment for a consultation.

Strength and Conditioning

Many of the injuries we experience, especially later in life, are a result of inadequate strength and conditioning.  Being physically strong means having healthy, responsive muscles with lots of intact fibers.  All kinds of regular exercise routines have been shown to have a positive impact on your life expectancy and reduce your risk of injury, while improving your quality of life

At InsideOut, we’ve taken this a step further by embracing Kaatsu strength and conditioning.  With Kaatsu, you can improve your physical conditioning passively during other activities or boost the effects of exercise on your body to improve your health faster.  Using strategies like this is a great way to prevent the common injuries and general weakness that we often experience later in life.  In fact, Kaatsu has been proven safe even for people over 100 years old, so it’s never too late to make this effort!

Chiropractic Care

So, how does Chiro help to care for your health and not just your sickness? Chiropractic care has been demonstrated through years of practice to reduce inflammation and pain, while improving nervous system function.  On the surface, that might seem like tackling symptoms, but inflammation and nervous system problems cause a lot of health issues.

Many major diseases cause, or are caused by inflammation or are exacerbated by it.  Pain is one of the most common health complaints American adults express with 20% of adults experiencing chronic pain. Nervous system deficiencies cause many very serious conditions all of us hope to avoid.  It makes sense then that regualr chiropractic care should be an important piece of avoiding some of the worst health conditions out there and be an excellent way to deal with symptoms.  Chiropractic is care that treats your sickness and maintains your health, as two separate, key pillars of well-being.

And that’s not to mention the psychological benefits of great nervous system care, with clarity of mind and emotional well-being making the quality of your life better outright!


Start Today!

All the therapies and treatments offered at InsideOut-Chiropractic are designed to help you with both treating any acute sickness you have and improving your health overall.  Regardless of what health you’re in today, our office can help you on the path to greater health and well-being.  Call 509-637-0969 today to make your first appointment.