KST Technique

" Experience the life changing benefits of Chiropractic Care without snapping, cracking, or popping "

KST Instrument Adjusting Chiropractic Technique

Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a neurological-focused chiropractic adjustment technique that is known for its long-lasting results. Named after Dr. Tedd Koren who discovered the technique in 2003, the KST became revolutionary in the chiropractic field. 

The Koren Specific Technique utilizes a tool called an ArthroStim. This device eliminates the need for the typical chiropractic adjustment which results in relatively loud popping and cracking noises. This makes the KST a preferred type of adjustment by patients who do not enjoy the sounds of manual adjustments nor the seemingly forceful twisting of the spine. The ArthroStim creates a precise, accurate, and gentle way to adjust the spine.

Since patients can receive specific, personalized adjustments by following the Koren Specific Technique and utilizing the ArthroStim, our Chiropractor is able to accurately gauge healing and recovery. Adjustments performed by the ArthroStim can be done in a variety of postures and positions.

The steady-paced, low-force taps of the ArthoStim are comfortable and therapeutic. Patients who are hesitant about the twisting of the spine or the sound of cracking and popping during a typical chiropractic adjustment are prone to welcome the gentler adjustment delivered by the ArthoStim and the KST.

The Koren Specific Technique is known for delivering immediate, long-lasting results. Patients can experience pain relief as well as improved performance in both the body and mind. It is safe for all ages, and is effective on even the most stubborn bodies. If suffering from mental, physical, or emotional pain or stress, the KST has proven time and time again to be a successful chiropractic method in helping with a myriad of symptoms.