NeuroInfiniti Stress Response Evaluations

What is the NeuroInfiniti?

The NeuroInfiniti is the latest state of the art technology that actually measures 7 areas of brain and nervous system function, including the function of the cortex of the brain, both during stress and during recovery. The reason this is important is because research now proves that over 90% of all disease is caused due to the inability for the brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress properly. This assessment is non invasive and totally pain free and take just 12 minutes and yes provides vital information crucial to the foundation of health. 

While most chiropractic care is generally associated with focus on the spine, the methodology of brain-based chiropractic care understands that dysfunction in the brain is the primary cause of disease. The NeuroInfiniti provides a way to accurately and objectively measure brain function as well as measure the progress of care leading to more significant  and consistent improvement in health issues of all kinds. 

Research shows that how the body responds to and recovers from stress may declare more about the body’s health status than your age, sex, weight, and even genetics etc. This is why we incorporate stress response evaluations into analyses of our patients so we can better create personalized healing programs for you. The more unique and specific the healing plan is to a patient, the quicker, more efficient and more effective the results will be.