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KAATSU Strength and Conditioning

KAATSU Strength and Conditioning is an engineered strength training cycle that is both highly efficient and very effective. Created by Yoshiaki Sato in 1966 and perfected in the 70’s, this method was specifically developed and enhanced to aid with health, fitness, rehabilitation, and with recovering from injuries. It can be used while sitting still or while engaging in various activities, exercise included. It is a pioneer in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR), and it currently has over 80 peer-reviewed academic and medical research papers written about it, with roots of study stemming from the University of Tokyo. Safety has been KAATSU’ Strength and Conditioning’s top priority ever since its humble beginnings, and it succeeds strongly at that– after all, even a 104-year-old woman can use KAATSU Strength and Conditioning to help treat her health conditions!

How does KAATSU Strength and Conditioning work?

KAATSU Strength and Conditioning makes use of an automated compressor and pneumatic stretchable bands placed around the upper areas of one’s arms and legs. Once these bands are attached and activated, they are controlled by various algorithms that compress and expand the bands in a particular rhythm which restricts blood flow in a safe manner, as proven by the 10-year long extensive research of Sato alongside a handful of cardiologists.

This pumped-up sensation caused by blood restriction, according to Sato, is similar to what his limbs feel during a weightlifting session. This sensation is what inspired him to research the effects of blood pressure to the body, especially during strenuous activities. Upon looking at the scientific aspect, research teams began to realize that this rhythmic blood restriction causes lactic acid to build up in the muscles, which then causes the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormones. These hormones are then secreted in large amounts, simulating the effects of movement and exercise, which then activates the body’s metabolism. Its effects also appear to be catalysts to many beneficial processes, such as an increase in blood circulation and nitric oxide production.

Why use KAATSU Strength and Conditioning?

With the ability to affect the body’s physiology, KAATSU Strength and Conditioning is sure to have many benefits. Apart from the advantage of being able to practice KAATSU Strength and Conditioning anywhere, there are three main reasons why people opt to use KAATSU Strength and Conditioning, and these are as follows:

1. Faster Recovery

People can suffer from muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness– especially after intensive workouts. If you are an active person, you know how much time is lost with recovering from overwork and muscle strain. With KAATSU Strength and Conditioning, your body’s physiology is reset much faster than normal, helping your body bounce back into another workout session in no time. This effect can also be achieved by those plagued by jet lag, insomnia, and lethargy. The KAATSU Strength and Conditioning method helps reset your circadian rhythm, also stimulating the removal of metabolic waste, causing a well-rested sensation throughout your body.

2. Stronger Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation processes, such as ones caused by surgery, injury, or other aches and pains, can take a very long time. KAATSU Strength and Conditioning helps cut this time down with its noninvasive protocols, helping reduce muscle atrophy. Patients suffering from immobility, brain injury, and muscular dystrophy have incorporated KAATSU Strength and Conditioning into their physical therapy programs, significantly decreasing the pain that they experience while increasing their mobility.

3. Better Performance

KAATSU Strength and Conditioning improves stamina, speed, strength, and mobility, as it makes the body think that it is working harder than it actually is, all without increasing the effort. It improves overall fitness without negatively impacting the body and without taking too much time and energy.

Client Success Stories

What Our Patients Have Experienced

No More Anxiety

Libby has been suffering from headaches, low back pain, hip pain, shoulders spasms, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and gastric reflux for years.

Following her initial assessment Libby it was determined that Libby could make a number of changes to her lifestyle that would help her with these conditions.

She began Brain-Based Chiropractic right away.

Libby has committed to the program and because of this commitment has seen remarkable results. Following just 6 weeks of care, she has noticed marked improvement in the above areas.

All this by restoring her bodies ability to do what it is made to do…get well and stay well!!!

Missions Trip Saved

“Several years ago Barbara was hit by an automobile, thrown into the air, and thrown 30 feet. Since that time she has experienced severe back pain, leg pain, and foot pain as well as regularly occurring headaches.

This has been going on for years with no relief despite trying numerous treatment plans. The pain and symptoms were so bad that Barbara had planned on canceling her missions trip to South America.

Since beginning Brain-Based Chiropractic, Barbara began to notice relief almost immediately.

She first noticed that the severe pain in her back, legs, and feet was not as severe after working her shift. She then began to notice her headaches were going away and now, only 6 weeks later she feels so good that she has decided to go on her missions trip all because neurologically-based chiropractic removed interference allowing her body to heal.”

No More Sinusitis/ Bladder Infections

Helen entered our office with numerous health issues including sinusitis, hand pain and numbness, poor posture and frequent bladder infections.

Since starting and committing to Brain-Based Chiropractic she has benefited greatly.

Today her had numbness is gone, no bladder infections, hand pain and sinusitis are much improved.

In addition, she has more energy and less fatigue and all since starting Brain Based Chiropractic.

NO More Depression, IBS Gone, Improved Memory

Connie came in with the following health concerns, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, memory loss, fatigue, and more.

After three months of Brain-Based Chiropractic Care, her re-evaluation revealed no more depression and fatigue, and much improvement in anxiety, memory loss, and irritable bowel condition.

The body can do amazing things when you live a lifestyle that allows it to do what it needs to do.

Connie followed her plan consistently and her results proved it!

Healed High Blood Pressure, ACID Reflux Gone,Sleeping Better

Michael came into the office with low back pain, acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure and trouble sleeping. He had been treated by his primary care physician with prescription drugs, which didn’t help him at all.

Since starting the Brain Based Chiropractic , he no longer has to take his sleeping medication and he no longer has acid reflux. And of course his lower back is functioning properly again without pain. Michael followed the program to the T, He continues to maintain his progress and overall health.

Michael said, “I really like Brain Based Chiropractic It has improved my health but also my family’s health. I would advise anyone to start the program. You will see the results without the drugs and their side effects. Mr. Michael is truly living healthy!

No More Bladder Issues, Headaches Gone

Renee had been suffering for years from headaches, low back pain, numbness in her legs, neck and hip pain, as well as bladder issues. She had tried several treatment options but received little relief.

Following her assessment Renee decided to begin Brain Based Chiropractic

Her results have been remarkable! She has improvement with her headaches, low back pain, neck and hip pain as well as the numbness in her legs.

She’s even noted considerable improvement with her bladder condition!

Fibromyalgia Healed

Lori came into the office because she was suffering with severe pain in her neck, shoulders, back and legs. She had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

On a scale of 1 to 10 that pain was a 10 when she first came into the office. She has been seeing a rheumatologist and was getting treated with anesthesia shots in her shoulders and low back every 4 months and also taking anti-inflammatories, which were just masking her pain.

After approximately 12 months of being under Brain Based Chiropractic Care, Lori hasn’t had a shot or any drugs in over 8 months. Her daughter Julie also started the program due to her lower back and hip pain. Her father and husband have also begun this care.

Now the entire family is healing naturally. Lori said, “The care is a gentle and less intrusive way to help my body feel and function better. When I follow the program on a regular basis, it helps me feel and function better. When I follow the program on a regular basis, it helps me more than any of my drugs did.

Kidney Disease Healed

Dale started noticing some blood in his urine one day. It obviously concerned him. He immediately called his MD. Following some advanced testing, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney disease. He was told that he would need to start dialysis and a kidney transplant soon. It was at that time Dale did not accept this as his only option.

He decided to start the Brain-Based Chiropractic Program and started noticed changes in his lab work within just a few months. Now, over 2 years later, Dale’s lab work is back to normal, and has been given a clean bill of health.